© Kate Davis Macleod
© Kate Davis Macleod
We have a need for a place that we call home.
Home provides security, control, belonging, identity and privacy, among other things. But most of all, it's place from which we leave each morning and to which we return each evening. Create a space for yourself that you'll be proud of and is a joy to live in.

MADE DINING CHAIR - Kalaspel Boucle Dining Chair

Part dining chair, part sculpture and stylish all over. 

CASA NU MAR coffee mugs

To redefine your coffee experience, this Portugal-based line of coffee mugs made in collaboration with Teresa Branco are all carefully handmade one by one. 


Beautiful handmade seaweed and wool bowl for the dining table. Can be used as wall decoration too. 

KELLY WEARSTLER coffee table book

Endless inspiration on interior and will look beautiful on your coffee table. *great for gifting*

SOHO HOME - wood bookends set

To complete your book collection. Also great for gifting! 

SOHO HOME - bar cart, brass

Touch of elegance. Inspired by the vintage bar carts found in the Soho houses around the world.